saturday, 13th april 2019

Dogs Saving Soldiers Lives

via teleconference or at wacol, qld 10.30am brisbane time

Notice is hereby given of Whiskey's Wish Inc Annual General Meeting for reporting of 2018 to take place on Saturday, 13th April, 2019 at 10.30am Brisbane time.  All eligible Members will be notified by email (should you not receive an email regarding notice of AGM, please contact the Secretary secretary@whiskeyswish.org.au.

Three positions on the Management Committee will be vacant and up for election.  Should you wish to be nominated/considered for a position (Only paid Members can be elected/nominated and vote for positions on the Committee of Management) please RSVP to email which will include nomination form and must be returned by 31st March, 2019 by 5pm Brisbane time.